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Learn How You Can Quickly and Easily Get Booked For More Shows Without Wasting Time and Money

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What Will You Get From My Profitable Course?

22 powerful business building modules that will walk you step-by-step through the process

  • Trade Show Marketing

    This is the most POWERFUL way to connect with top event bookers

  • Cracking The College Market

    Reach more of your audience with these subtle techniques that you probably have NEVER thought of.

  • Business 101

    It’s not enough to entertain your audience. You will also learn how to run the business effectively

  • Easy Phone Selling

    Closing calls is simple if you know how to read your prospects. It’s time for you to make more money over the phone

  • Developing A Lecture Demo

    Learn how to build and maintain your platform with ease. Giving talks builds your brand and creates interest in your service

  • Speaking and Hosting Seminars

    Rapidly build your credibility and increase your exposure while making loads of extra cash at the same time

  • Easy SMS Selling

    SMS marketing is a HOT new trend that is taking over the marketing world by storm. Use it to your advantage

  • Mindset For Success

    These simple mind tricks will dramatically refine your performances so that you can sell more! Prepare to be overbooked

Get Leads, Land Clients and Sell Shows By…

Building A Killer Mailing List System that Practically Prints Money

A complete, no holds barred, step-by-step guide at putting together a money making mailing list in the least amount of time. I’ll show you what to do, how to do it, and when to do it.…

Using Video Promotion To Make You An Authority Figure In Your Craft

How the basic elements on every successful (multimillion dollar) television infomercial can also be used to increase the profitability of your promotional videos

Developing Massive Name Recognition Using Social Media Platforms

How to automatically attract new fans like a magnet day after day without even trying! THE best way to create a consistent following that rakes in profits on the internet every single month.

Getting Booked For High Paying Events Month After Month

Find out what makes event promoters drool over you, and will make them beg you to pay whatever you’re asking to do shows for THEM. Undercover techniques for discovering what your clients REALLY want in an entertainer.

Selling Loads Of Your Products Through Email Marketing

Discover the most important aspects of email marketing that can give your business an unfair advantage. Use these to the hilt before your competitors catch -The brain-dead simple way to quickly sell TONS of product through your list without adding mind-numbing complexity.

All Of These Top Entertainers Use The Same Methods To Sell More Shows

Richard Barker

Incredible Hypnotist

Justin Hilby


David Sykes

Shoot To Thrill

Kristen Johnson

Lady Houdini

Rajeev Kistoo


Learn What The Masters Know

Let me teach you the secrets that the greatest entertainers pay millions of dollars to discover…

Discover The Secrets Of All Successful Entertainers

Build Dynamic Products That Your Fans Can’t WAIT To Buy

You’ll discover how to use social media to find out EXACTLY what people want so that you can make it and sell it to them. Attract huge numbers of clients in record time and which techniques will allow you to stand out from the crowd and successfully swipe all the business from under the noses of your competitors.

Secure Repeat Bookings for Ultra Profitable Events

I’ll show you some sneaky little tricks you can do to get those high paying clients to BEG you to come back for more. Using the automated method I have developed you simply pick how much revenue you want to earn, copy and paste a few things, and sit back and relax.

Attract Wealth In A Way That Top Performers Haven’t Even Considered

A list of powerful no-cost or low-costs tools to practically put your income-generating efforts on

auto-pilot. No need for super expensive TV advertisements to start building your own 5-figure money making empire! Look…NONE of your competitors are even THINKING about doing this!

You Will Also Learn Powerful Strategies To…

  • Slow Drip Feed Engaging Content

    How to create a culture for your fan base so that they will keep coming back to see you for extended amounts of time

  • Outsource Your Hard Work To Professionals

    No, I’m not talking about spending “professional money” on this work. I’m going to show you places you can go to find CHEAP work with the HIGHEST quality!

  • Sell More Merchandise With Less Effort

    Forget keeping an inventory and standing on street corners in the hot sun. Use MY methods and you’ll have people knocking down your door to buy your stuff.

  • Monetize Your Dead Listers With CPA

    Most people on your list won’t buy your stuff but don’t worry! I’ll teach you a few sneaky little tricks that open the floodgates on profits. Hey, you don’t have to sell YOUR product to make extra money. Discover hidden places of SUPER high quality products your fans will LOVE!

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